Long considered one of the most innovative visual effects directors in the industry, William Mesa made his name working as creative director at Introvision. At Introvision he directed the effects work on Andy Davis's Mega-hit "THE FUGITIVE." He was responsible for the now-legendary train crash with Harrison Ford.

He was also supervisor/director of visual effects for such diverse films as:

Rob Reiner's "STAND BY ME"
     Stallone's "RAMBO III"
Steven Seagal's "UNDER SIEGE"
Bruce Beresford's "DRIVING MISS DAISY"
Peter Weir's "FEARLESS."

After this accomplishment, William went on to direct feature films. His feature films included the suspense film "THE BLACK GATE,"  the science fiction action adventures  "GALAXIS" and "DNA" which premiered on HBO in 1997.  He also directed the CD ROM game "MAXIMUM SURGE."  

William Mesa

William Mesa with the Fugitive Train
William Mesa with the train from "The Fugitive"

William Mesa at the Emmy Awards

William Mesa accepting his Emmy Award for "The Pacific"

In 1993 William formed the visual effects company FLASH FILM WORKS and brought together a select group of effects wizards who had worked with him on past projects.

FLASH FILM WORKS was created in order to produce the effects work on the films he was now directing. The company was then called upon to do some visual effects work on other feature films for major studios.

William has been the recipient of many awards over the years beginning in 1988 he received the Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.  He has won three Emmy Awards for his visual effects on the CBS telefilm, "MIRACLE LANDING",  the Hallmark Hall of Fame special, "THE HUGGA BUNCH" and for Flash Film Works work on the HBO mini-series "THE PACIFIC." 

Flash Film Works won Visual Effects Society awards for "Best Supporting Visual Effects" for it's work on "THE LAST SAMURAI" and for Outstanding Visual Effects and Outstanding Compositing in a Broadcast Program for "THE PACIFIC."


William Mesa accepting his VES award
William Mesa, accepting his 2011 VES Award with other members of the "Pacific" team.
John Sullivan, William Mesa and David Taritero Ray McIntyre, Jr., William Mesa and Jeffrey Okun
William Mesa accepting his Visual Effects Society Award for "The Pacific" with John Sullivan and David Taritero
William Mesa accepting his Visual Effects Society Award for "The Last Samurai" with Jeff Okun and Ray McIntyre, Jr.
William Mesa, Kerry Williamson, Andrew Davis
William Mesa on the set of "The Guardian" with Kevin Costner, talking about old times
William Mesa with Screenwriter Kerry Williamson and Director Andrew Davis at the 30th anniversary screening of "The Fugitive"


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William Mesa in Beijing China
William Mesa at Introvision


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