FLASH FILM WORKS created all the visual effects on the motion picture "Galaxis" a.k.a. "Terminal Force." Over 125 visual effects shots were produced: 3d animation, digital matte paintings, rig and wire removal, motion control and digital compositing. Large scale miniatures with pyrotechnic explosions were also created.

On the set of "Terminal Force" with Brigitte Nielsen.

William Mesa Brigittie Nielson

William Mesa directing actor John Brennan.

These miniature spaceships were shot using motion control systems and composited together using Liberty to create a dogfight scene.


Here we filmed a live action location plate with actors running down a hill and set off a pyrotechnic explosion behind them. We then shot a motion control plate of a model of the mothership at the same perspective and digitally composited the two elements together using various layers of luminance mattes as well as some hand roto matting. We also added a laser beam to match the timing of the explosion.
For this shot of the bunker exploding, we filmed a live action plate with the actors running towards a doorway while propane fire blasts were being set off for lighting effects. A miniature was created to match the doorway and the surrounding landscape, it was used to film the explosion. The two plates were composited together using various layers of luminance mattes, as well as some hand roto work, to put the live action actors into the miniature model appearing to have just escaping the explosion.
We did some digital morphs in the show.

This involved compositing actress Brigitte Nielsen into a shot of a bar exploding to make it appear as though she was walking out of the fire.


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