FLASH FILM WORKS created the visual effects for the un-released CD ROM game "Maximum Surge." We created digital matte paintings, live action motion control model shots of the tram, 3D animated traveling beams as well as some 3D landscapes. There were over 350 visual effects shots in the show.

When Cyber Cinema Interactive aquired the rights to the project, they had intended to update and release the game for the DVD-ROM market. There was also an attempt to turn the concept into a television series. We produced new shots for that effort as well, though neither project wound up advancing beyond the pitch stage.

The footage from the game was subsequently  used by Insight Film & Video for their "Maximum Surge" movie, released on video in the U.S. as "Game Over."

Flash Film Works has reacquired rights to the game with the intention of releasing it for newer game systems.

William Mesa, Yasmine Bleeth, and Walter Koenig
William Mesa Yasmine Bleeth Walter Koenig

This is the promotional video that was made to promote Maximum Surge as a possible TV Series.




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