In 1983 John Mesa started working at the visual effects company, Introvision International as a model maker & motion control cameraman. Through the 80s and early 90s John worked his way up the ladder to become the in house Director of Photography, covering model and stage shoots . During this time period he worked on 15 features, 4 TV movies and about 8 commercials. These films included:

"The Fugitive"
     "Under Siege"
     "Driving Miss Daisy"
     "Army of Darkness"

In 1993, John was promoted to Visual Effects Supervisor & Creative Director, working on such films:

"River Wild" with Curtis Hanson
     "Jimmy Hollywood" with Barry Levinson
     "Silent Fall" with Bruce Beresford
     "Robinson Caruso" with George Miller.

Starting in early 1995 John took leave from Introvision to become Visual Effects Supervisor on "DNA" for Flash Film Works. This gave John the chance to work with William Mesa for the first time in 3 years and for the first time as a Director (William Mesa) & FX Supervisor (John Mesa) Team.

John has continued to do other work for Flash Film Works as a Co-Visual Effects Supervisor on many different feature films.

John is also a director. He directed a couple of music videos as well as the short films "PRESSURE" and "ROOMMATES."  He has also written several feature film scripts that he intends to make into movies in the future.

John won a Visual Effects Society Award in 2011 for "Outstanding Compositing in a Broadcast Program or Commercial" for his Work on the Television Mini-Series "THE PACIFIC."

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