For the HBO premiere movie, "DNA," Flash Film Works created all visual effects in the film. These included 3D animated helicopters as well as 3D birds, bats and the films' star, a 3D creature Balacai. We also created digital matte paintings, hand roto art work, rig and wire removal and multi-layer composting. In addition, we built large scale miniatures with pyrotechnic explosions. 

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In the creature shot we had various elements. We filmed a clean background plate without the actor. Then we filmed a plate with the actor and light rain in the background. We created the 3D creature and composited it into the scene. We also shot various rain elements for the foreground, middle ground and background.

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To create the volcano in the background we filmed a foreground plate of the actor and composited in a matte painting of the volcano. We added in various animated elements including moving clouds and flowing lava.



We created a 3D animated Apache helicopter and composited it into a location background plate, then created lighting and glow effects for the sunset.

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