Flash Film Works worked on the Brian Robbins directed picture, "THE PERFECT SCORE." On this film, we performed a number of rig & wire removal shots, muzzle flash composites, and assorted other effects shots. We also created a 3D crow for one shot, animated the dots in an SAT Test form to change position and replaced the head of a stunt woman with the actress for a "Matrix" parody scene.

Still of actress Scarlet Johansen

Still of the stunt woman in the same pose

Video reference from editorial of how they wanted the shot to work

For a fantasy sequence in the film, the producers wanted a "Matrix" style parody.. To perform this shot, the plate was shot twice.. once with actress Scarlet Johansen suspended by wires and once with a stunt woman. The camera dollied around the police officer in both takes. The actress was unable to perform the routine with enough agility so we had to make the shot work better.  To start, we made a clean plate of the background to remove most of the wires, then we placed the stunt woman back on top of the clean plate and hand painted the wires that were over her body. Next, we had to replace the face of the stunt woman with the face of the actress from the other take.. a difficult process since the camera moves shot in production were not identical. We also had to speed up the shot, to match the speed required by the editors, and replace the flashlight beam from the policeman and the shadow of the stunt woman over the clean plate background.

This is what the finished shot looked like.