Flash Film Works recently worked on the Revolution Studios comedy "MAN OF THE HOUSE" starring Tommy Lee Jones. We performed numerous crowd enhancement shots during the football game as well as monitor replacement shots and green screen composites. 



On a number of shots in the film, we replaced the empty stands with large masses of cheering Texas fans. Multiple elements of crowds were composited into these shots to make the stadium seem full. We also did a number of monitor replacement shots in this film.
On a number of shots in this bus sequence, we replaced the green screen background with driving plates shot by the second unit crew. For this shot, we removed wires that were pulling the bus and also added sparks to the bottom of the bus as it is being pulled forwards.

For this shot, we used a particle system to simulate the cheerleader's breath blowing on the mirror. For this shot, we took a generic plate of the car driving down a road in Southern California and completely replaced the enviornment around the road to make it seem as though it was in Texas.

Man of the House on the internet movie database

All Images Courtesy of Sony Pictures