Flash Film Works worked on the  film "THE GUARDIAN" directed by Andrew Davis and starring Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Costner. We had the challenge of creating severe storm like sequences which involved creating the ocean, several ships and helicopters and even occasionally people in 3D. We broke new ground in water simulation using the Real Flow process.


Watch the following reel for an overview of our work on the film.

Wiliam Mesa on the set of The Guardian
William Mesa on the set of "The Guardian"

A more detailed look at the work on the cargo ship sequence (see below) with demonstrations of the elements included. This video offers a look at how we worked with the footage shot in the blue screen tank and compsited it together to create the open sea enviornment for the opening of the film.
Andrew Davis, WIlliam Mesa, Kevin Costner William Mesa & Omari Hardwick
William Mesa on the set of the film with director Andrew Davis and star Kevin Costner
William Mesa with actor Omari Hardwick


For this sequence in "The Guardian" we created the entire ocean in 3D using Lightwave.  The ocean was created using a proprietary system we developed to create the look of the real seas. The cargo on the back of the boat was all hand animated to create the illusion of the motion as the stuff on the back of the ship is tosses about due to the storm. Many real water elements were composited as was actual rain elements. Additional water elements were created using the Real Flow program.


A documentary on the making of "The Guardian" storms

More on our work on The Guardian can be found at the following website.

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