Flash Film Works worked on the  film "THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL" starring Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly. Flash performed many shots on this film, a number of them involving 3D animation of helicopters. We also composited Central Park backgrounds into blue screen plates shot in Vancouver, composited backgrounds and rain into car driving shots and other types of effects as well.


For this sequence of the helicopers carrying the scientists landing in Central Park, the action was shot on a blue screen.. We then composited in the background using various stills of Central Park that were shot by a second unit crew in New York.  Helicopters were added in 3D to match in with the practical mockup that the actors were standing in. 


Jennifer Connelly is picked up into a helicopter in this shot and you can see it was shot against green screen and the helicopter added later We did a number of CGI Helicopters in this film.


We also did a number of shots of touch screen animation for this film.



Flash Film Works work on this film was profiled on the television show "Science of the Movies"

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All Images Courtesy of Fox Studios