Flash Film Works worked on the pilot episode of  the WB Network series "Birds of Prey." We created numerous full CGI shots of Gotham City at different times of the day, expanding on the look of the city established by the "Batman" movies and our own "Onstar" Television commercials. We also created a CG Animated version of the actress playing "Huntress" for scenes where she is running across the rooftops of Gotham City.

For the large opening shot we had to create a CG city following a map of Gotham City which transitions into a huge moving shot through the city and ends in a plate shot on location. This shot of the city borrows elements from the establishing shot in Tim Burton's "Batman" and expands the city tremendously.

For this shot, the stunt woman runs towards the green screen on the balcony and leaps into the air. We replaced her with a CG version as she went over the railing and replaced the greenscreen with a CG city.
For this shot, everything was CGI, the rooftops, the city in the background and even the "Huntress" who is running across the roof in this scene.