For "TALE OF THE MUMMY" (aka Talos the Mummy), Flash Film Works was responsible for all the visual effects work. This included 3D animation of the mummy himself as well as compositing, roto work and morphs.

We added 3D mummy wrappings and removed the live action actor to make it appear as though the mummy is unwrapping and flying down the hallway.
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Matte painting of ancient Egypt


This is a CG Creature, modeled by Ken Stranahan, based on the look of the Talos creature made by KNB Makeup Effects House.

To create the effect of Christopher Lee missing the bottom half of his body, a prop piece was shot on location and the bottom half of him was removed by us later.

We used a 3D model of the Talos mummy to create a hole in the actor that quickly rebuilds itself. The Talos actor was wearing a green circle on his chest. The light beam was created in 3D.

This is a matte painting of the inside of Talos the Mummy's tomb.

Tale of the Mummy trailer

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All Images Courtesy of Dimension Films