Flash Film Works worked on the Danny DeVito directed comedy "DEATH TO SMOOCHY" starring Robin Williams and Edward Norton. We primarily performed a number of difficult green screen composites in the film but also did some rig and wire removal work.

For this challenging shot, Flash Film Works artists had to composite the head of actor Vincent Schiavelli
onto the body of the falling stuntman. The wires holding the stuntman were also removed. The falling body was composited with the background and crowds were added into the empty stands from this location plate. For the final version of the shot, we had to create 3D arm and leg extensions because the stunt man's body was not entirely in frame. 


In this shot, we had to replace the actual zipper text from the Times Square sign with the text needed for the storyline, recreating the exact look of the words that were replaced.



Here the actors were composited into the location stadium plate and wires were removed.

The actors were composited over the empty arena plate, crowds were digitally added to the stands and wires holding the actors were removed.

Robin Williams was filmed driving the car in front of 
a green screen and the background of the city was composited in. Edward Norton was composited into the back seat from a separate take in order to get the scene to work properly.

This scene of the actors in the back seat of the limo was shot against green screen and then composited with a night time city plate.

Death to Smoochy on the internet movie database   All Images Courtesy of  Warner Bros. Studios