For the Warner Bros. Motion Picture "Red Planet," starring Val Kilmer, Flash Film Works created a number of monitor display screens (like the one below) that were used to assist Carrie Anne Moss in tracking various elements on the planet's surface. We also performed a number of rig and wire removal shots, we worked on a key sequence near the end of the film, which involved compositing various elements as well as creating elements in 3D.

A green screen element of the person floating was composited into the background plate of the airlock. A starfield was composited into the porthole and the moving tether was created and animated in Lightwave.

Here we removed the wires and rigs suspending the actors, then composited in the floating helmet and other background debris.
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This is a hand held computer display device that we created, animated and composited into an empty screen.

For this shot, we created the display screen and composited in the terrain element, which was then animated to match the actions of the actress.

Here we created the laserbeam in Lightwave 3D and then composited it into the shot.

This medical display scanner prop was filmed with a green screen, we created and added the animated monitor display.

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Images copyright  Warner Bros.