For the Castle Rock film, "ADVENTURES OF PLUTO NASH," FLASH FILM WORKS created 3D moonscapes and composited them into green screen plates featuring the film's star, Eddie Murphy. We also created in 3D the Moon Beach city and other landscapes of this futuristic version of the moon.

For this shot of the entrance of the Moon Beach city, animator Don Myers worked off blue prints provided by the Production Designer to create the complete city in 3D using Lightwave. 

This challenging shot from the opening of the film was over 2000 frames long and featured a combination of live location plates, miniature models, and 3D animation.

This scene, set inside a nightclub in the Moon Beach city has blue screen windows that we replaced with a 3D version of the lunar landscape. 

This is a wider angle shot of the 3D Moon Beach city that we designed in Lightwave, this time composited with a miniature model of this valley. Some of the terrain was created using Terragen and composited with the miniature and the 3D city.

We had a number of shots to create that featured actors walking on the surface of the moon. As you can see below, the actors were shot in front of a blue screen on a partial moon surface that was built on a stage in London. We then expanded the terrain using the program Terragen and Lightwave 3D to create the vast crater filled lunar landscape. 

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All Images Courtesy of  Castle Rock Entertainment