FLASH FILM WORKS was selected to create all visual effects on "Wes Craven's New Nightmare." Over one hundred visual FX shots of various kinds were produced including digital matte paintings, 3D-animation and digital composites, some shots having over 50 elements.
William Mesa with director Wes Craven 
and Freddy Kreuger (Robert Englund)
Cast and crew photo
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For the opening sequence, where Freddy's hand attacks the special effects people, we filmed live action plates using motion control. We shot one clean pass with no actors and then a second pass with the actors in place and the operator of the mechanical hand. We used the clean background plate to digitally remove the operator of the mechanical hand.



We compoisted the blue screen shot of Freddy into the sky plate and added real and animated cloud elements.
We removed the wires that were holding the actress up in this scene

For this digital matte painting, "Entering Freddy's World", there were over 50 elements to composite. These included a blue screen element of the girl falling, various water elements for the waterfall effect, smoke and fire elements to bring the city alive and a 3D animated pterodactyl. A digital camera move was performed on the whole shot as well.
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Flash Film Works Crew list for "Wes Craven's New Nightmare"


Visual Effects Supervisor - William Mesa

Visual Effects Producer - Nick Davis

Visual Effects Co-Producer - Linda Landry-Nelson

Visual Effects Production Manager - Tina Mesa

Visual Effects Technical Supervisor - John Coats

 Matte Painting Supervisor - Tim Donahue

Digital Technician - David Lockwood

Visual Effects Cameraman - David Stump

Visual Effects Asst. Cameraman - Mike Ball

Visual Effects Assistant Editor - Bonnie Dombrowski


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