For the film, "DELIVERING MILO" starring Albert Finney and Bridget Fonda, Flash Film Works created several glow effects for the film's otherworldly settings as well as a matte painting of the "waiting room."

Taking the production footage of the "waiting room" we created a matte painting that we comped into the shot to create a more celestial image.
For this shot, we created the impression of a disembodied hand coming towards him by removing the person and adding the celestial glow.
Similarly, for this one we had the hands approaching each other with the large celestial glow.
For this one, we added the glow coming from the doorway.
Another shot of an added celestial glow.
For this one, we morphed the doorknob so it would disappear as he tried to grab it.




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All Images Courtesy of  Lakeshore International