For the Renny Harlin movie, "Deep Blue Sea," starring Samuel L. Jackson and Saffron Burrows, Flash Film Works was responsible for creating the "Storm Sequence" where a massive hurricane strikes the Aquatica research station causing a helicopter to crash into the station, leading into a string of explosions. We created the Aquatica station in 3D for many of the shots, we completely replaced the ocean with 3D arete water and composited in rain and wave elements to make the sequence work.

Our work on "Deep Blue Sea" was profiled on the Televison Show, "Cinema Secrets." You can watch that segment of the show below.

Here is a before and after view of the Aquatica research station. The water was replaced with computer generated water, 3D extensions were added, the camera crew and equipment were removed, rain and waves were then added. This is a shot of the actors on the stage and we added CG water and rain and storm elements.

The station and the ocean were created using LightWave and Arete. The night sky is a matte painting. The rain and wave elements were shot by Flash Film Works and composited into the shot. 

Here the airplane was composited in with 3D water, created in Arete, and with the 3D Aquatica research station, created in LightWave.

The Station and the water are all 3D, the rain and fire elements were shot on film and composited into the 3D shot.

The Helicopter was filmed on wires and composited into a background plate of the set. 3D water, rain, waves, rotor blades and debris were added.

Here we filmed a live action panning shot of the set and composited in a 3D shark model (created by Hammerhead Studios). Then we added additional rain elements.

In this shot the camera pans from above the water through to and underwater view of the Aquatica research station. The background is a model enhanced with 3D extensions. The fence and fish and water line are 3D. Plankton elements were added to give the water a more natural feel.

This shot is a live location plate of a portion of Aquatica combined with 3D water and a matte painting of the evening sky created by Tim Donahue.


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