Flash Film Works worked on the Walter Salles film "Dark Water" starring Jennifer Connelly.  On this film we performed a number of different types of shots including green screen composites, color corrections, wire removals and day for night shots. 

We composited the "dirty water" into several sinks and toilets in a bathroom sequence, we composited the "ghost figure" into the washing machine and in a sequence that didn't make the finished film, but was featured in the trailer, we added water rushing through pipes towards the washing machine.


For this difficult shot, we took the original location plate of the washing machine and composited in various layers including additional washing machine foam, CGI water elements inside the tub, the green screen element of the girl screaming and a plate of her hand against glass originally shot for a different scene entirely. We then took the element of her head and warped it digitally to make it appear as though it forms itself inside the machine.
For this sequence of water running down the walls, we composited numerous layers of location footage featuring the girl, the empty room and several passes of running & dripping water. For this sequence, the clear water running in the sinks was replaced digitally by an element of the dirty water running.
This shot was used in television commercials for the film, but was not included in the final cut of the movie. For this sequence, we created a CGI pipe interior that the camera was moving through at a fast speed. We composited in a location plate of Jennifer Connelly looking into the washing machine at the end of the pipe. We then added CGI rushing water into the pipe  that runs through the pipe and eventually covers the frame. This was done using the program "Real Flow" as well as "Lightwave 3D."

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