The early years of William Mesa's career:

William Mesa on the set of "Oh God! You Devil!" starring George Burns.

John Travolta, William Mesa, Olivia Newton John & John Herzfeld on the set of "Two of a Kind."

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Director Tony Mordente, William Mesa, and actors William Katt and Connie Selleca on the set of the TV Pilot, "Greatest American Heroine," a spin-off of the hit show "Greatest American Hero."

Filming a plate for a flying scene in "Greatest American Heroine."

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William Mesa (center) with actors Robyn Lively and Ralph Macchio on the set of "Karate Kid III"

Shooting the miniature space station for the Sean Connery film "Outland."

Other films supervised by William Mesa during his tenure at Introvision International
In this video, William Mesa explains how the effects work was done in the movie "Outland"
William Mesa is featured in this video that talks about the work done at Introvision.